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LED Sapphire Etch System – Is It Possible?


There is a brand-new modern led mask technology developed for the etching of PSS (Formed Sapphire Substrate) wafers available in the market today. This is the LED Sapphire Etch System, a damp procedure option that can make the etching procedure much more effective as it could boost light removal and also efficiency in high illumination LEDs. This excels information for the semiconductor industry for it can lower funding and also manufacturing costs but could generate far better throughput. Without a doubt, this is an essential growth that makes the LEDs rate affordable with fluorescent lights.


Some advantages for the market? More and more LED makers switch over from dry to wet procedure – and also making use of PSS ends up being more crucial – as it offers the following outcomes:

Decreased production costs
An average light outcome power depends on 37% larger on PSS than a conventional sapphire wafer
Reduced dislocation density in the GaN (gallium nitride) layer
Enhanced LEE (light removal performance) from the LED chip

Traditional completely dry etching on Patterned Sapphire Substrate

The use of traditional etching on Patterned Sapphire Substrate creates extremely efficient, extremely bright light yet the throughput is slow. Likewise, the scalability is affected as wafer size increases. Additionally, there is a requirement of even more dry etch devices to keep throughput up as wafer dimension rises.

How the damp etch process works?

A silicon dioxide mask is formed using PECVD (plasma boosted chemical vapor deposition).
Wafers coated with GaN or InGaN (indium gallium nitride) are submerged in the etch tank with a mixture of etching and also buffering representatives.
A lithography action reveals the desired pattern to etch.
For pearl etch, it is performed at temperature levels in between 260 ° C and also 300 ° C- an ultra high temperature that engraves the wafers significantly quicker compared to basic 150-180 ° C and hence, speeds throughput.

Wet procedure system evaluation as well as future development Several examinations were done for damp procedure system as well as the assessment verified a significant improvement in light removal as well as effectiveness in the substrates. Evaluations likewise suggest that even if there is a need of polishing service the wafers after the etching to increase efficiencies, still significant cost conserving can be attained. Today, damp process engineers are working to earn the process also much better. They are functioning to enhance the dome shapes created on the wafers with the help of what they call CMP (chemical mechanical sprucing up) process. Additionally, brand-new non-cone forms are also being developed.

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