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Student Pay’s Off $60,000 student Loan Playing Online Poker


Bandar DominoQQ – I thought that this may be an interesting article to record because I just started this new website less that two weeks ago. I hardly needed this thing up and moving and I had been getting mails from people telling me my own debt stories and I have no place to put them so I figured I’d add them until I am prepared for them so here it is:

I noticed you started this new website and wished to hear debt and of the stories folks have whether bad or good. Well I’ve got an interesting story for you none which a good deal of folks would agree with but one I did and paid off in a large way. I had around $60,000 in student loans and has been “killed” (sorry but I did not know what other term to place there) from the interest of the loans since you understand most people pupils are. I worked my ass off and attempted to cover down this during college and did not have much luck with the expense of living.

So 1 day I was browsing around on the internet and watched all these posts on internet poker and I explained what the hell let us try it out, 1 website was supplying 100\% game in my deposit. Now I am from a really spiritual home and gaming isn’t tolerated.

So here I snapped $800.00 it had been the last of my student loan money and I was up $500.00 in the first ten minutes, I believed AWESOME here I go. I played for many hours and did not move very much daily. So the following day I woke up and played with I moved UP $2500.00. I was near rolling on the ground. Now I am thinking I have problems with betting. So I figured when I went up I’d stop. Well that never arrived I moved down $600.00

On to another day a Sunday (god afternoon)hahah I believed OK I am gonna win now. I LOST it ALL I did not understand what to do speak about gloomy. I started mowing yards and has been making OK money but the delight of winning that cash playing poker never made my head.

Now that everybody believes I have a gaming problem I moved on and played with FOR FREE now and moved right into a FREEROLL championship(is a championship you’ll be able to play and win modest sums of cash or admissions into larger tournaments) so that I play with 20 tournaments dropped them and began to give up. There was yet another championship at 9:30pm to get a free entry into a huge tournament. The problem was that there were 2500 people playing because of it. Well I played with and 8 hrs after I won the championship and I had been into the major tournament.

So the next Saturday is the big moment. Well I had been overdue by 30mins I had been down major time however I was in the championship only sitting out each hand. 7 1/2 hours after I was the winner of $100,000.00 Yes I couldn’t believe it and I don’t think it but here I am now debt with no $60,000 and off into this superb game of existence.

Till this day I haven’t played with online poker or any sort of gambling. I guessed My desire was granted